Forbidden love

joUrney through Dubai and Japan.

This project was, if I may say so quite spontanous. The idea and concept popped into my mind when I was sitting in the plane with a deck of playing cards in my hands. Final Destination: Japan, with a 3-day-break in Dubai.
The idea behind my photographs was to post these pictures on facebook and make them look like normal travel pictures. But behind that is a big secret message which is not only my love of playing cards, but also the story of two different lovers. The interesting thing here is that its not supposed to be super obvious for everyone because it’s not only hidden well but also gives everybody the chance to interpret the story for themselves. Just follow the ‚queen of hearts‘ and the ‚jack of clubs‘ on their journey through Dubai and Japan and look what you can find not only in the pictures but also in your mind. Oh damn that was a rhyme.

I displayed this project like a theatre play as a little Shakespeare ‚Romeo and Juliet‘ reference in 3 acts each with 5 pictures.

Act 1. Location: Dubai – Queen of Hearts

Act 2. Location: Japan – Jack of Spades

Act 3. Location: Home – The Lovers

I really like the result of this Project because it is filled with many important messages regarding not only the love but also the acceptance of different colours and origins which are, in this case, Red-Black and Dubai-Japan.

„A Queen doesn’t always have to be with a king“ – Julien T.