10.1 – Retrospective

RetroSpective Of the last week (Week 9)

This was it. More or less the last week. Thanks to the vacations I managed to get done with the 8th dev step and already started the ninth. I am really happy about all the outcomes and the experience I gathered from this. The whole project evolving technology made me realise how much technology there is and how little we actually now. Which isn’t especially a bad thing, you just need something to focus on and that’s why it was good to choose one or two technologies to stick with for this project. So this is what I managed to do in this week:

I composed everything together.

Therefore I created a background image and a filter to overlay over the video border.

I composed the buttons together with the video to make them fit the scene.

9.1 – Retrospective

RetroSpective Of the last week (Week 8)

Oooof, Finally through with this development step, is something I could say since this was probably the most stressing development step by far. But actually, as much as it demotivated me in the process, as much it now motivates me to keep going and getting better since I (hopefully) learned out of my mistakes.
The interesting thing for me personally now is to see which problems are still in front of me because I am supposed to do 10 development steps and so far i only have plans for one more development step, but I guess we will see how it goes and what problems I will encounter. So here what I did in the last week:

I started using my final clips by hosting them through wordpress.

I figured out how to have a pleasing looking video design.

I changed the buttons and video position relatively to each other.

The video now is clickable which makes it toggle between play and pause.

8.1 – Retrospective

RetroSpective Of the last week (Week 7)

Week seven was definitely a new experience for me. As I said in the Retrospective of Development Step 6, I noticed that this DevStep was more of many small steps rather than one big which I personally liked a lot. Since it gave me more room to grow and more opportunities to research, learn and fail. Because the more mistakes I can make, the more I can learn out of them. The coming week looks like one big task but I will put more focus on dividing it in many more small ones so I have the same learning experience as last week. This is what I did:

I designed and made my own Icons in Photoshop.

I implemented those into the existing “item-buttons”.

I enhanced my knowledge regarding button functions through Stack Overflow and w3schools.

With that knowledge I repositioned all buttons and added some effects.

7.1 – Retrospective

RetroSpective Of the last week (Week 6)

In this week I started working with a new technology other than javascript. So I had to start slow by reading into CSS and googled a lot around, reading through forums and learning websites. I am satisfied with the progress and the outcomes since I spent quite some time on learning throughout this development step:

I started reading into CSS (w3schools.com, quackit.com).

I tried out different layouts for my buttons.

I fixed a bug/ visual glitch which made the screen flash for a split second when changing videos.

6.1 – Retrospective

RetroSpective Of the last week (Week 5)

I finished week five by implementing all the item functionalities. It may not look like a lot but now I have basically the whole script ready and I am indeed proud of that. And it wasn’t easy since there were some processes I can’t really show in this blog since they are either in my head or just trying out by changing different things in the code.
So let’s look back and summarise what happened in the fifth week:

I made the functionality with the objects work.

I fixed a problem so you can now switch between genres and items without loosing track.

I have to functioning variables that will also help me keeping track of everything.

5.1 – Retrospective

RetroSpective Of the last week (Week 4)

We are in the fifth week and I a made quite a lot of progress so far. Even tho I did not manage to do all planned ToDo’s I still think that everything is going according to plan and I am definitely not stressing myself out. Looking back at what I managed I can see that I enhanced my product sufficient:

I implemented all 18 video sources (placeholders).

I managed to get the interaction working and I can now scroll through all 6 genres.

Adding up I also improved my skills in working with the switching videos functions which will make implementing and combining the items way easier and faster.

4.1 – Retrospective

RetroSpective last week (Week 3)

The third week is over and I have to say that I am satisfied with the outcome and development steps I made but I feel like I am capable of a little more which is why I am planning on going stronger into this week.

I managed to establish Brackets as my new working space.

My code now runs on my own custom offline website.

I also developed my knowledge regarding the code since I read more into it and tried everything out on my own. That way I can now call the code my own since I changed it a lot from the code I started with.

3.1 – Retrospective

RetroSpective last week (Week 2)

In hindsight I am proud of the process I did in the second week and the problems I solved and developments I made.

I started working with HTML and Javascript and read into it.

I acquired skills in HTML and Javascript regarding time/video manipulation.

In addition to that I encountered a big problem that I didn’t have an idea on how to solve it. But by reading through different sites I managed to come up with a solution on my own.

2.3 – Retrospective

RetroSpective last week (Week 1)

Looking back at the first and very productive week I can say that I definitely have made at least some development steps.

I chose the project which I am going to work on this quartile.

In addition to that have I looked at three different technologies and chose two of them for the use of my project.

I tried these technologies out already and experienced more or less what they are capable of. At least enough to figure out if it would be useful for my use or not.