10.2 – ToDo’s

> ToDo list for this week

Here we are. The last week, and two more Development Steps to come. I am planning to finish up my project and have it completely done by the last development step because I really want to show it on my portfolio. So these are my todos for the last week:

Help/ About screen.
– Having a pop-up window that explains how the website works.

Check out whats the best way to host all my videos.
– Yeah, maybe use Vimeo or youtube or even WordPress to host my videos.

Put my website online to the world wide web.
– Putting my index and style file onto my own server so the website is online.

Visual feedback.
– I need some kind of feedback which shows what video combination is playing

9.2 – ToDo’s

> ToDo list for this week

We are getting closer and closer, not only to the end of this project, but also to the final and presentable version of my work. So after I managed to fix my videos I can no jump into one of the last steps which is composing everything together. Therefore I am planning the following to do’s:

– Adding a fitting and scaling background.

Integrate the videos and buttons into the scene.
I really want my website to look pleasing and to be intuitive. Everything has to neatly fit together and be satisfying to look at.

8.2 – ToDo’s

> ToDo list for this week

Now, that I pretty much finished the buttons and have them looking perfect, I need to enhance the video scaling since it is extremely annoying when it scales into the buttons. While I am on that I might also just change from locally saved videos to using uploaded once like through Vimeo:

Looking into fixing the scaling.
– Since I don’t know how I have to approach it I can’t really say if I am able to do it as I wish or if another way might be the better solution.
Looking into hosting my videos on another website.

I might also need to look first into hosting and than into scaling and positioning because if not I might end up wasting time on a thing that is getting overwritten anyways.

7.2 – ToDo’s

> ToDo list for this week

After getting a little more used to CSS I will now focus on getting deeper into the designing of my buttons and website:

Designing Images for the buttons.
– This may not be part of any of the technologies but I still need self made images/ icons that I can use for my buttons.
Making the “Item-Buttons” using my icons.

I want my buttons to look very different and self-explanatory so I am planning on using one icon per button and having some kind of wobble effect upon interaction.

6.2 – ToDo’s

> ToDo list for this week

With this being the sixth week and me being more or less done with the script for the functionalities, I feel positive going into the design aspect with css now:

Getting used to css and knowing the possibilities.
– So far I only worked once with css in my life and it wasn’t the most productive thing so I’m still very new to this language. To know what it’s capable of and what my different possibilities are is important.
Getting started with implementing some of the stuff I know.

I can’t really estimate yet what kind of functionalities I am able to implement since I don’t really know the power of css yet. But once I know I will try out the things I found.

5.2 – ToDo’s

> ToDo list for this week

To begin with I did not manage to complete one of my todos from last week so thats something to begin with:

Implementing the items.
– Since I should have connected the sources I might be able to already implement them in the code.
Getting all functionalities working.

By doing that I would basically have a working interaction just as I need for my final product which would set me up to be able to later just put in the original video files.

4.2 – ToDo’s

> ToDo list for this week

Since the forth week just started I feel positive that I can now move on with bigger steps that might take a little more effort but should get me way more progress:

Connect the new 18 videos with my code.
Since I only used random videos till now I want to move on to different videos that I made a while back where you can actually see which genre is currently playing and which serve as perfect place holders for the final videos.
Being able to rotate through all 6 new genres.
– To have one button that will go ahead one step in the genre.
Implementing the items.
– Since I should have connected the sources I might be able to already implement them in the code.

3.2 – ToDo’s

> ToDo list for this week

Looking forward to the third week I am planing on achieving the following things (ToDo’s):

Move my code to brackets.
Since I coded in the Try out editor from w3 so far its important to move to for example brackets.
Being able to run the code on a test website.
– Which means I can use everything offline, so I will need my own videos in a data folder, and so on.
Experimenting around with the already used features.
– Just so I get more used to the language and know what everything does.
Working with at least two videos at the same time.
– Since the end goal are about 18 videos I have to try out several at the same time now.
Use the saved time variable to jump between the two videos.
– It is necessary that when I swap from one movie to another, the time is saved so it doesn’t start from the beginning but from where the other left off.

2.4 – ToDo’s

> ToDo list for this week

Looking forward to the second and hopefully as productive week I plan on completing the following tasks (ToDo’s):

Dive in depth into HTML and Javascript.
read through the main pages and focus especially on videos.
Write code to jump ahead in time from the video.
– the time in videos is essential and I need to figure that out.
Save the time in a variable to save and recall it.
– Saving the time of the video is crucial