Final Reflection


This is my final reflection of about 200 words.

Looking back at this project and all the progress I made, looking back at all the problems I encountered and solved, I am really happy and satisfied with this project. I have to admit that I was insecure in the beginning of this quartile because I neither really new what I wanted to do and what I was going to do. But after I just started to work on the idea of making my last quartiles project into an online version so I can implement it into my portfolio, things started to get to rolling. The cool thing about this project was that it was about working on stuff you can show off in your portfolio and I feel like I really managed to do that.

Also blogging about all of this and making all of those dev steps always made me realize how far I was and helped me keeping track of all the work I have done. Not to lie it was really difficult and annoying from time to time but I think looking back at it it is a really good way to help the creative flow not to get lost.

So yeah, that was it from me and I am looking forward to all the new challenges and things coming.