Mobile UI Design

These are examples of my UI Design work on the game “Monstrocity” that I developed with a student group of 7 people. I was responsible for both designing the layout/ looks and creating the assets.

Here are two animated examples for both the market UI (left) and the Profile UI (right):

Here is the main UI with the Inventory and some Pop Ups.

Main UI + Inventory UI

What makes the market UI special is that it’s responsive to whatever building you have selected in the game, which makes it function as a market, but also a quick overview at the same time:

Finally, here is the Profile UI. The idea of all the UI pages is that when you inspect a house, the background stays green (as shown above) and everything stays grounded. But when you click on the blue profile banner on the top of the game screen, you are directed to the sky, with a slowly scrolling wall of clouds and some birds flying in the background. This helps integrating the UI more into the game and not losing the magic of the game in the process.