Project Exhibition

In the next few minutes you will witness the creation of one of the best creations ever created.

In the beginning of this quartile we were told that we should make something great out of the knowledge and the skills that we have acquired so far.

And this is how my interactive movie was born.

The idea

My original concept was making an interactive movie with the features of changing genres, emotions and objects.
After some testing and writing I figured out that certain genres rely on specific emotions and that its very difficult to combine those two things.
Because of that I chose to take 6 genres and 3 objectives which make 18 different movies in total.

First concept sketch still containing emotions and an animated user interface

The Code

This is basically the brain and the muscles of my project which I wrote in the first few weeks. The difficulty here was to contain the time and being able to jump to every possible movie at any time but still staying in the correct timeline.


The controller

The controller would be most accurately described by being the hands and feet of my project. It was supposed to give the viewer something real that connects him with the movie that he’s watching on a screen like the objects on the box which are used in the movies.

Controller work in progress
Erotic product picture

The Scripts

a thousand pictures of words say more than a thousand words.

The movies

This is definitely my favourite part of the whole project because It is very close to my interests and the main reason I even came up with all of this.

It’s the heart and soul of this project.

Because of the fact that I had to edit 18 movies with 6 different genres I was able to enhance my skills and knowledge and can proudly say that I learned a lot while also having fun.

I also recreated the final product with javascript, html & css so it can be experienced on any pc. Don’t blame me for any bugs or weird things you may encounter, I am just a text.

Try it out >here<
Thank you