1.2 – Technology 1 exploration

Technology 1: p5.js

What do people make with the technology?

p5.js is a JavaScript library which is similar to processing with the goal to make coding accessible for all kind of creative people. I read into it since it is advertising to be compatible with all kinds of videos. So I started reading around on different forums what the limits and possibilities are by searching google for “p5.js video”. First I came to the p5.js page where they show their video feature (https://p5js.org/examples/dom-video.html) but I also wanted to see what other people did with it so I checked this website which was basically an informational blog where the guy shows all different features like interacting with the videos pixel and animating it.

What do you like to make with it?

I want to load videos and switch in-between them while they save the current time so they keep playing from where the other videos left off. Also I need to implement different buttons for the interaction.

Which other technology do you need to work with this?

It seems like I would need to work with javascript as well since it is basically javascript but a variation.


It looks like video elements do not provide a duration unless the video has started playing which is unhandy for my goals since I have more than 15 videos that all need to be played at any time without needing to start up beforehand. Another “problem” is that p5.js is kinda just processing but for the web which means that it wouldn’t be too much of a new technology for me since I’m already quite advanced with Processing (#humble).