1.3 – Technology 2 exploration

Technology 2: javascript

What do people make with the technology?

Javascript. Oh Boy, javascript. The possibilities are endless.
I looked into javascript since I want to manipulate my videos in the browser with an interface. So I checked out what would speak for javascript other than it being almighty, and I found the following:


I also found this “tutorial”/documentation which shows the manipulation of video in real time.

What do you like to make with it?

I want to load videos and switch in-between them while they save the current time so they keep playing from where the other videos left off. Also I need to implement different buttons for the interaction.

Which other technology do you need to work with this?

I think that javascript would be perfect to play the videos and have them jump in between but to combine that with my website and have good looking buttons the best other technology to combine it with would be HTML & CSS.

Which documentation and/or tutorials you’d like to use?

Personally I prefer just to stick to the home page where they explain every feature shortly but if that doesn’t work out and I get stuck somewhere I will probably look on StackOverflow.


I was able to jump to any time in the video using a simple button and obviously play and pause the video and that all in the browser. But this magic wouldn’t work only with javascript because I still need the skeleton of the operation that carries all the weight which, in this case, would be html and css.