1.4 – Technology 3 exploration

Technology 3: html & css

The choice to look into html & css was an obvious one. I mean the core idea of this quartiles project is turning a “physical” and local game into a browser compatible game using videos and an interactive interface.

So who you gonna call?


What do people make with the technology?

Websites. HTML & CSS is to design and build websites. Basically every website is using HTML & CSS.

What do you like to make with it?

If you look at the javascript Blog post with the example that I showed, I already used html there to be able to place the buttons. And if I then want to make these buttons look good and turn them more into an interface I will need css.

Which other technology do you need to work with this?

To come back to what I said in my previous blog post for javascript, I would need/ like to work in combination with javascript to get all the scripts going.

Which documentation and/or tutorials you’d like to use?

I found this tutorial which looks promising regarding the buttons that need to be implemented. Also I would probably read myself through w3school and stack overflow.


To get the best results I will be needing a combination out of html, css and javascript. And as far as I could tell from looking at the possibilities, all the things I want to do using these technologies should be possible, but I guess I’ll find that out once I dove deeper into them.