2.1 – Justification of chosen Tech

Motivation and application idea:


As you can see in this layout, my final product will consist of 3 different elements:

  1. The video (content). Since I already have the videos the only working step here will be to implement all the content into the browser, display it correctly and have it working with all the interactions.
    -> This will be made mostly using javascript and be implemented into the website with html.
  2. The buttons (interface). Here you see different buttons like the banana or the cowboy hat which, upon pressing change the video to the according videos.
    -> The technical part, like if it is pressed, where its positioned will be handled by html and the connection to the video, like where it has to jump to will be done by javascript.
    Css is also going to be useful to change the design of the buttons like highlights.
  3. The layout (design). It might not look like much, but positioning all the different elements, sizing them accordingly and having them in order is important to make it easier for the user to interact with it.
    -> When talking about the design and layout in connection to html and css I like to think about a human body where html would be the skeleton and css is the skin.

Since my final product consists of three different parts, it is crucial that my chosen technology is going perfectly hand in hand and supports one and each other which it does.

Personally I am looking forward to combine all of the elements together and figuring out on my own what to use and trying to overcome problems on the way by reading myself through all the different forums and sites like StackOverfloww3schools and codecadamy.
And to work on that I came up with some main and sub questions which you can find in my next blog post.