3.2 – ToDo’s

> ToDo list for this week

Looking forward to the third week I am planing on achieving the following things (ToDo’s):

Move my code to brackets.
Since I coded in the Try out editor from w3 so far its important to move to for example brackets.
Being able to run the code on a test website.
– Which means I can use everything offline, so I will need my own videos in a data folder, and so on.
Experimenting around with the already used features.
– Just so I get more used to the language and know what everything does.
Working with at least two videos at the same time.
– Since the end goal are about 18 videos I have to try out several at the same time now.
Use the saved time variable to jump between the two videos.
– It is necessary that when I swap from one movie to another, the time is saved so it doesn’t start from the beginning but from where the other left off.