8.1 – Retrospective

RetroSpective Of the last week (Week 7)

Week seven was definitely a new experience for me. As I said in the Retrospective of Development Step 6, I noticed that this DevStep was more of many small steps rather than one big which I personally liked a lot. Since it gave me more room to grow and more opportunities to research, learn and fail. Because the more mistakes I can make, the more I can learn out of them. The coming week looks like one big task but I will put more focus on dividing it in many more small ones so I have the same learning experience as last week. This is what I did:

I designed and made my own Icons in Photoshop.

I implemented those into the existing “item-buttons”.

I enhanced my knowledge regarding button functions through Stack Overflow and w3schools.

With that knowledge I repositioned all buttons and added some effects.