9.1 – Retrospective

RetroSpective Of the last week (Week 8)

Oooof, Finally through with this development step, is something I could say since this was probably the most stressing development step by far. But actually, as much as it demotivated me in the process, as much it now motivates me to keep going and getting better since I (hopefully) learned out of my mistakes.
The interesting thing for me personally now is to see which problems are still in front of me because I am supposed to do 10 development steps and so far i only have plans for one more development step, but I guess we will see how it goes and what problems I will encounter. So here what I did in the last week:

I started using my final clips by hosting them through wordpress.

I figured out how to have a pleasing looking video design.

I changed the buttons and video position relatively to each other.

The video now is clickable which makes it toggle between play and pause.